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OneKit. The ONE first aid kit you'll ever need.

Save a life, save an entire world!

Let's be honest. Most first aid kits brag about how many items they include, but when you look closely they're just full of band-aids and gauze. That's why there's OneKit.

OneKit First Aid Kits are different. Created by real emergency medical professionals with practical use in mind, our first aid kits are packed with the hospital-grade supplies you need to treat common illnesses and injuries.

Inside your OneKit you'll find things like over-the-counter medications to treat headaches, nausea, diabetic low blood sugar, and aspirin for heart attacks. You'll find splints for broken fingers and tweezers for pesky splinters. You'll find digital thermometers for accurate temperature measurement and ice packs for sprained ankles. And--of course--you'll also find band-aids and gauze...and a whole lot more!

Each OneKit is assembled in Los Angeles by people that are as passionate about keeping you and your loved ones safe as you are. We wouldn't trust our safety to cheap mass-produced first aid kits, so why should you? 

Order your OneKit First Aid Kit today!